Friday, January 2, 2015

Holiday Craft Fairs

Happy New Year Everyone.  Today I am posting a few photos of some of the items I created for craft fairs I did over the holiday season.  Thanks to everyone that posts their ideas on Pinterest and on the SU Craft Fair boards on Facebook.  As you can see, I used several of them at these fairs but also added my own personal touches to make them a little unique.

Gift Card Holders (Most Popular Item that sold)

Santa Hershey Bar Holders

Reindeer Food

Elf Kisses

Snowman Soup included a candy cane and a hershey kiss along with a packet of hot cocoa.

Santa Face M&M Holders and Pencil/Twizzler Holder

Kleenex Tissue Holders (I packaged them with a Purell, piece of chocolate and chapstick to demonstrate how the tissue holder can be used, but I sold them with just the pack of tissues to keep the price down)

Fry Box Elf and Santa

And here is a table display - hard to see with the busy background displays, but I think you get the idea.

One of my best selling cards was this Hanukkah card.

Last but not least, I saw this idea on the Thoughts that Stick blogspot and decided to make a few for my neighbors.  I used the same designer papers but changed up a few things.  I just love the way this came out and so did the recipients.  

The first photo is everything including the card in a box. The next photo are the decorated chocolate and caramel syrup jars (store bought the syrups and added them to the cute jars I purchased in the local hardware store).  The third photo shows the four ice cream cones (the box only fits four and the families I gave them to have four members each in their family - lucky me!!!)  The last photo is of the packaged condiments that I used for this project.  I wrapped the entire box with white gift wrap that was speckled with silver dots and it matched perfectly with this set.  I then used clear plastic wrap to package the whole thing with a bow (not shown).

Here we are at Christmas Eve dinner with the family.  The three of us always go to see a show during the day (A Christmas Carol in Port Jefferson - always the same show and we love it) and then we meet my husband's clan in the evening for dinner (about 13 of us).

Christmas Day was at my house this year as it has been the last several years.  We had a combination of my family and my husband's family along with a few neighbors this year for a buffet that my husband and I cooked together (I forgot to take a photo of the buffet and the desserts - you can see a little bit of the buffet in the second photo on the left side).  There were many other guests missing from this picture because they were sitting in the dining room.  Oh and don't forget my dog, Hershey under the cocktail table.

And one more photo of my famous (well at least with my family it is famous) bruschetta.


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